A Study on the Effects of Social Media Fatigue and E-Word-Of-Mouth

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Along with the phenomenal proliferation of the Internet, communications among individualexpanded dramatically, e-mail, social media and instant messaging are just a few examples. Moretools have emerged due to the advances of Web 2.0, and many social networks seems to embed intoour everyday life. The rapid growth of social media result in more and more time spent on-line insocial interactions and gaming. As users surf through the network, opinions and evaluationstowards web pages and products affects everyone, results in the phenomena of electronic word ofmouth.However, problems of information overload, privacy issues and intrusion into private lifetogether, result in a new phenomenon of social media fatigue. The problem of fatigue have astrong impact on the surging social media marketing, and related business models. In the casewhere some users reduce or stop to the social media, the chain of propagation of word-of-mouthwill suffer.This proposal attempts to look into the issue of social media fatigue, its antecedents as wellas its impacts. A two stage research is proposed. In the first stage, the causes and immediateimpacts on word-of-mouth propagation are the foci. In the second state, the construct of fatigue isemployed as the moderator influencing the working of the Theory of Planned Behavior in thecontext of internet purchasing.
Effective start/end date1/08/1731/07/18


  • Online Persona
  • Narcissism
  • Social networking
  • Social media fatigue
  • Networkword-of-mouth
  • Theory of Planned Behavior


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