A Study on the Dispatching Control of Automated Material Handling Systems in an Eighth-Generation Tft-Lcd Plant

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The purpose of this research is to study the dispatching-control methods for the in-line stocker systems andRGV (Rail Guided Vehicle) systems in the 7.5, 8 and 8.5th generation (which will be referred as the 8thgeneration from now on) TFT-LCD plants. Building a TFT-LCD plant is a huge investment, thus it is veryimportant to increase the production efficiency of a TFT-LCD plant. One important factor that affects aTFT-LCD plant’s production efficiency is the plant’s material flow efficiency. Many factors can affect aTFT-LCD plant’s material flow efficiency. Among them, the dispatching control of the plant’s automatedmaterial handling systems is a critical one. The automated material handling systems used by the 8thgeneration TFT-LCD plants include in-line stocker systems and RGV systems. Because the huge glass sizesin them, their in-line stocker systems and RGV systems are different from those seen in older generations.As a result, the dispatching-control methods for their in-line stocker systems and RGV systems will bedifferent. The procedure of this research has the following main steps. First, collect important informationon the related hardware systems in TFT-LCD plants via the cooperating company. Second, conduct aliterature review on relevant studies. Third, develop dispatching-control methods for in-line stocker andRGV systems. Fourth, develop simulation models and conduct simulation experiments to test the proposedmethods. Fifth, analyze the results and further improve the proposed methods based on the analysis results.Finally, please note when developing the dispatching-control methods, we focus not only on theireffectiveness and efficiency, but also their practicability and applicability, so that they can truly benefit the8th generation TFT-LCD plants in Taiwan.
Effective start/end date1/06/1731/05/18

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  • The 7
  • 5
  • 8 and 8
  • 5th Generation TFT-LCD Plants
  • Automated Material Handling System
  • In-LineStocker
  • Rail-Guided Vehicle
  • Dispatching Control


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