A Study on Qian Qianyi Collated Li Shangyin Poetry

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Qian Qianyi was the spiritual mentor of Li Shangyin poetry annotators in Qing Dynasty. Unfortunately,he never left any annotations of Li Shangyin poetry in his life. It therefore could merely comment LiShangyin poetry by extending the prologues which Qian wrote for Shih Dogen and Zhu Heling and thefragmented articles. However, it was inevitably blurred. According to the Qing Jiang Fu, Qian hadhandwritten and repeatedly collated Song Ben’s Li Shangyin Poetry which was regarded as “The First RareBook of Li”. The book was then acquired by Luo Zhenyu, signed Dongjian collated Li Shangyin Poetry byJiang Fu, and published by “Divine Light Society” in 1909. Nevertheless, it was not broadly spread that itwas rarely known. In 1980s, Mr. Wang Zhong accidentally found it in the library of University of California,Berkeley, copied it, and brought it home. He requested Mr. Gung Peng-cheng for the collation and had“Hsuehhai Publishing” publish it in 1998, when the book eventually appeared in the world. There were total591 poems in the book, where Qian’s alternation, marks with circles, and annotation implied the opinionsabout Li Shangyin poetry that it could be considered as the specific Li Shangyin poetry annotation. As aconsequence, this study intends to explore two questions, according to Dongjian collated Li Shangyin Poetry.1. To dig out the actual criticism for corroborating Qian’s saying involving in Li Shangyin poetry so as tocompletely master the art of Li Shangyin poetry. 2. Since Zhu Heling was requested by Qian to annotate LiShangyin poetry, the annotation differences are compared and the gain and loss is inspected to clarify theacademic relationship. With the combination of above two points, it expects to deeply and comprehensivelymaster Qian Qianyi’s acceptance and interpretation of Li Shangyin poetry and further place them in theacceptance of Li Shangyin poetry and the entire acceptance context of Li Shangyin poetry to re-evaluate theorientation and value.
Effective start/end date1/08/1731/07/18


  • Qian Qianyi
  • Dongjian collated Li Shangyin Poetry
  • Zhu Heling
  • acceptance
  • interpretation


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