A Study on Order-Picking Systems, Methods and Relevant Problems for E-Commerce Logistics Services in a Third-Party Logistics Center

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The company that this project will cooperate with is a small and medium traditional third-party logistics company. In recent years, the cooperative company has found its customers' needs have shown a clear trend of increase in B2C e-commerce logistics. This has caused its shipments to gradually shift from mainly “pallet shipments” and “case shipments” in the past to “minimum unit (such as: boxes, bars, bags)” and “multi-item mixed container picking” of the “multi-item multi-order quantity” shipments. As a result, the cooperative company has decided to enter the “third-party e-commerce logistics services” business. The purpose of this research is to help the cooperative company evaluate the picking systems it considers and explore their picking methods. This research hopes to understand the performance of different picking systems by finding practical and effective picking methods for them. The goal is to help the cooperative company choose the most suitable picking system, method and solutions for relevant problems, so that it can successfully enter the “third-party e-commerce logistics services” business. The research steps are briefly described below. First, with the help of the cooperative company, we collect important information relevant to the picking systems it has considered. Second, collect and review literature. Third, study each picking system and develop its picking methods. Fourth, develop simulation models and conduct simulation experiments to test the performance of every picking method of each picking system. Fifth, review and improve picking methods to find the best system, picking method and solutions for relevant problems. Finally, please note when developing the methods, we focus not only on their effectiveness and efficiency, but also their practicability and applicability, so that they can truly benefit the cooperative company as well as other similar third-party logistics companies in Taiwan.
Effective start/end date1/06/1831/05/19


  • third-party logistics companies
  • e-commerce
  • e-commerce logistics services
  • picking systems
  • picking methods


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