A Study of the Types of Yi Yijing Learning of the Ming Dynasty Part 1 : Xiong Guo and Qian Yi Ben'S Yi Yijing Learning Presents His Personal Opinions by Referring to and Integrating Different Opinions of Others’

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Although Chinese Classical Studies of the Ming Dynasty was severely criticized by some scholars of the Qing dynasty, it was even rated as an era of declining and was even not comparable as successful as the Song and Qing dynasties. As far as the study of Yijing learning is concerned, there are 222 Yi-ologist collected in Mingshi, which is more than the 183 Yi-ologist collected Songshi. Are they all rated as negative reviews? There are definitely many works worth cherishing, which are worthy of in-depth research. Furthermore, the Yijing learning of the Qing dynasty, such as the Yuzuanzhouyizhezhong led by Li Guang Di in the early Qing Dynasty, and the Dayizeyan by Cheng Ting Zuo in the middle of the Qing dynasty, which quoted many interpretations of the Yi-ologist in the Ming Dynasty. The quality and quantity of the study of Yijing learning are considerable. The project will be carried out based on the "typology of Yijing learning" in the Ming Dynasty as the framework. This year the project will focus on Xiong Guo's Zhouyixiangzhijuelu and Qian Yi's Xiangxiangguanjian who integrated other scholars' opinions into their interpretation. Zhouyixiangzhijuelu and Xiangxiangguanjian both emphasized imagery in the title of the books. After studying its content is different from Xun Shuang、Yu Fan 's, Yijing learning of Han dynasty. They interpreted the eight trigrams with three lines in " Shuoguachuan ", Jiujiayixiang and " Yushiyixiang ". Rather, it connects closely hexagrams and rhetoric to images and righteousness, distinguished from theories, and suggested something new. This project will review the current research results of Xiong Guo's Zhouyixiangzhijuelu and Qian Yi Bens Xiangxiangguanjian, to understand and evaluate Xiong Guo and Qian Yi's Yijing learning, to reveal the characteristics of Yijing learning of the Ming Dynasty.
Effective start/end date1/08/2031/07/21


  • Ming Dynasty
  • Yijing learning
  • Xiong Guo
  • Qian Yi Ben
  • Zhouyixiangzhijuelu
  • Xiangxiangguanjian


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