A Study of Online Group-Buying Behavior through Information Technology: a Two-Level Hierarchical Linear Model(3/3)

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The emergence of information techniques changes the way of information acquisition and communication, as well as change our lifestyle. Online group buying, which is a system that provides daily discounts for various services and products, is a new form of marketing at the junction of promotion and pricing that has attracted the attention of both practitioners and academia. This proposal will conduct a three-year research work aiming to identify influential factors. An integrated model will be constructed to examine the impact of all these factors on the customers’ behavior toward online group buying. Data collected from the users of online group buying through information technologies will be used for the analysis. A Two-Level Hierarchical Linear Model, both individual level and group level, will be adopted for the analysis. The result of this study will provide a comprehensive framework of the factors influencing the consumers’ behaviors of online group buying. Hopefully, it can serve as the foundation for future research.
Effective start/end date1/08/1731/07/18


  • Information Technology
  • Online Group-Buying Behavior
  • Two-Level Hierarchical Linear Model


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