A Study of Huang Zhong-Yan , Huang Zhen and Lu Da-Gui 'S Chun-Qiu Annotation

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The Song Dynasty was the era of the flourishing of the Chun-Qiu.There is a different style of learning from the predecessors.The most common use of the Chun-Qiu in the Song Dynasty is to use the regulations.From Sun Fu to Hu Anguo,They have a different understanding of the Chun-Qiu, But all of the same rules are used to explain.Zhu Xi is an agent of Song Dynasty.Zhu Xi disagrees with the rules of the rules to explain the classics.Huang Zhongyan, Huang Zhen and Lv Dagui, the three scholars of the late Southern Song Dynasty, the Chun-Qiu.They all believe that Zhu Xi's point of view is continued.The plan is scheduled to use three years.The study of the three people of Huang Zhongyan, Huang Zhen and Lv Dagui.We hope to have more understanding of the methods of interpreting the Analects of Confucius and of the Analects of Southern Song.
Effective start/end date1/08/1831/07/19


  • song dynasty Chun-Qiu annotation Huang Zhong-yan Huang zhen Lu da-gui Xi Zhu


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