A Study of Graph Coloring, Graph Spectra and Diffusion Process on Graphs(1/2)

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This is a three-year research project on graph coloring, graph spectra and diffusion process on graphs. We will study the following questions: Question 1. Characterize optimal target sets for cographs, strongly chordal graphs, unit interval graphs, and outerplanar graphs in the monotone TSS problem under deterministic propagation models. Question 2. Study non-monotone TSS problem in two kinds of networks trees and cycles. Question 3. Study H-bootstrap process for a hypergraph H. Question 4. 研究圖G 結構與其 inertia set I(G) 之間的關係。 Question 5. 研究圖G 結構與其 adjacency matrtix AG 的p+(AG) 及p(AG) 之間的關係。 Question 6. How many monochromatic K4 we may expect in a 2-edge-coloring of Kn? Question 7. Study circular chromatic numbers by suing the fact that ?c(G) = min! p! m!
Effective start/end date1/08/1531/07/16


  • Graph
  • chromatic number
  • rank
  • target set selection problem
  • nullity
  • eigenvalue spectrum


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