A Study of Aesthetics in Customer Value Co-creation(1/2)

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Aesthetics is an important factor in service system or product design. Although aesthetics hasreceived great attentions, research on the relationship between aesthetics and brand experiences is relativelysparse. In response, this study seeks to investigate the gap between aesthetics and customer brand connectionby applying design aesthetics literature to the domain of consumers’ co-creation of brand experience. Pastaesthetics literature mostly focused on the discussions of visual design, this study will advance the literatureby reviewing literature of aesthetics, interactions, experiences and value co-creation. This study will thensurvey consumers to explore the influence of aesthetics.In the first year, this study will first review the literature concerning interactive aesthetics and valueco-creation and link it to a conceptualization of aesthetics construct, especially “interactive aesthetics”construct. The result will provide a conceptual foundation for understanding aesthetics. It will be followed bystudies that develop a scale measuring this construct. In the second year, a framework of how aestheticsperceptions influence consumers’ brand co-creation experience and self-brand connection will be proposedand examined; at the same time, the individual differences (need for closure, centrality of aesthetics) andproduct type (search/experience products) will be considered as moderators. We will sample the serviceconsumers to test the proposed model. These survey data can provide statistical signification to explain therelationships from the aesthetic design perceptions to co-creation of brand experience and self- brandconnection. The results of studies in two years may contribute to the understanding of the customers’aesthetic perceptions to their co-creation of brand experience to the knowledge of customers’ brandconnections.
Effective start/end date1/08/1531/07/16


  • aesthetics
  • interactive aesthetics
  • value co-creation
  • co-creation of brand experience


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