A Genealogy of the Queer Left in Taiwan, 1985-1995(2/3)

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This project proposes to construct a genealogy of the queer left in Taiwan, centering on the playwright Tien Chiyuan (田啟元,1962-1996). It seeks to show how Tien took up the challenge posed by the leftist writer/thinker Chen Yingzhen, who in his novella Zhao Nandong (《趙南棟》, 1987) called on youths of 1980s consumer society to revive the anti-imperialist leftist tradition of the 1950s. The project further explores how this line of Third World queer critical thought responds to nascent progressive movements such as academic feminism and queer activism in the 1990s. Reading Tien's macroscopic and microscopic takes on the question of woman in history alongside Zhu Tian Wen's (朱天文) allegorical critique of homonationalism in Notes of a Desolate Man (《荒人手記》, 1994), this project aims to mobilize Tien's and Zhu's critiques of neocolonial modernity in order to question the progressivist construct of the LGBT subject with its Cold War aphasia.
Effective start/end date1/08/2031/07/21


  • Tien Chiyuan
  • Chen Yingzhen
  • Renjian Monthly
  • Notes of a Desolate Man
  • the Queer Left
  • Cold War Division
  • Neocolonial Modernity


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