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The bathymetry in southwest off Taiwan is between 10 to 50 meters whichclassifies as continental shelf area. In tectonics point of view, it also belongs toupper slope of the accretionary prism, northern Manila subduction system.Previous studies suggested that plenty of mud diapirs may follow thrust fault beltwhich could connect to inland thrust faults and associated anticlines. However,due to low resolution seismic source had been used in previous geologicalinvestigations, turned out low resolution seismic section on shallow strata(vertical resolution larger than tens meters). The correlation between muddiapirism and thrusting fault activities are unknown, also in relation to land-seageological structures. Previous studies also suggested strongly fast uplifting muddiapir could damage buildings and constructions. Due to wide region of studyarea, we plan to use three years period to conduct high resolution sparkerseismic and sub-bottom profiler explorations. It is expected to acquiresedimentary structures since Last Glacial Maximum (LGM), fault/mud diapirdeformation on seafloor and correlation between land/sea structures within thisproject. The result could help Central Geological Survey, Kaohsiung Citygovernment and Tainan City government for geo-hazzard mitigation. Due to shiptime arrangement, the cruise is planned to execute in May, 2022 for first yearproject. We analyzed a dense 2D sparker seismic dataset north of Xiaoliuchiuislet. The results are planned to submit to Marine Geophysical Researchesjournal.
Effective start/end date1/08/2231/10/23


  • Sparker Reflective Seismic Method
  • Mud diapirism
  • Gaoping Shelf
  • SW offshore Taiwan


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