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Medical information management, decision support system, social network analysis, data science


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  • Subaru H images of UM673

    Chiueh, T. (Contributor), Chen, W. (Contributor), Chan, H. H. (Contributor) & Koptelova, E. (Contributor), Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center, 1 Jan 2014


  • Mrk 421 multi-wavelength variability, 2007-2009

    Ahnen, M. L. (Creator), Ansoldi, S. (Creator), Antonelli, L. A. (Creator), Antoranz, P. (Creator), Babic, A. (Creator), Banerjee, B. (Creator), Bangale, P. (Creator), Barres De Almeida, D. A. U. (Creator), Barrio, J. A. (Creator), Becerra Gonz?lez, G. J. (Contributor), Bednarek, W. (Creator), Bernardini, E. (Creator), Biasuzzi, B. (Creator), Biland, A. (Creator), Blanch, O. (Creator), Bonnefoy, S. (Creator), Bonnoli, G. (Creator), Borracci, F. (Creator), Bretz, T. (Creator), Buson, S. (Creator), Carosi, A. (Creator), Chatterjee, A. (Creator), Clavero, R. (Creator), Colin, P. (Creator), Colombo, E. (Creator), Contreras, J. L. (Creator), Cortina, J. (Creator), Covino, S. (Creator), Da Vela, V. P. (Creator), Dazzi, F. (Creator), De Angelis, A. A. (Creator), De Lotto, L. B. (Creator), De O?a Wilhelmi, O. W. E. (Contributor), Di Pierro, P. F. (Creator), Dom?nguez, A. (Contributor), Dominis Prester, P. D. (Creator), Dorner, D. (Creator), Doro, M. (Creator), Einecke, S. (Creator), Eisenacher Glawion, G. D. (Creator), Elsaesser, D. (Creator), Fern?ndez-Barral, A. (Contributor), Fidalgo, D. (Creator), Fonseca, M. V. (Creator), Font, L. (Creator), Frantzen, K. (Creator), Fruck, C. (Creator), Galindo, D. (Creator), Garc?a L?pez, L. R. J. (Contributor), Garczarczyk, M. (Creator), Garrido Terrats, T. D. (Creator), Gaug, M. (Creator), Giammaria, P. (Creator), Godinovi?, N. (Contributor), Gonz?lez Mu?oz, M. A. (Contributor), Gora, D. (Creator), Guberman, D. (Creator), Hadasch, D. (Creator), Hahn, A. (Creator), Hanabata, Y. (Creator), Hayashida, M. (Creator), Herrera, J. (Creator), Hose, J. (Creator), Hrupec, D. (Creator), Hughes, G. (Creator), Idec, W. (Creator), Kodani, K. (Creator), Konno, Y. (Creator), Kubo, H. (Creator), Kushida, J. (Creator), La Barbera, B. A. (Creator), Lelas, D. (Creator), Lindfors, E. (Creator), Lombardi, S. (Creator), Longo, F. (Creator), L?pez, M. (Contributor), L?pez-Coto, R. (Contributor), Majumdar, P. (Creator), Makariev, M. (Creator), Mallot, K. (Creator), Maneva, G. (Creator), Manganaro, M. (Creator), Mannheim, K. (Creator), Maraschi, L. (Creator), Marcote, B. (Creator), Mariotti, M. (Creator), Mart?nez, M. (Contributor), Mazin, D. (Creator), Menzel, U. (Creator), Miranda, J. M. (Creator), Mirzoyan, R. (Creator), Moralejo, A. (Creator), Moretti, E. (Creator), Nakajima, D. (Creator), Neustroev, V. (Creator), Niedzwiecki, A. (Creator), Nievas Rosillo, R. M. (Creator), Nilsson, K. (Creator), Nishijima, K. (Creator), Noda, K. (Creator), Nogu?s, L. (Contributor), Orito, R. (Creator), Overkemping, A. (Creator), Paiano, S. (Creator), Palacio, J. (Creator), Palatiello, M. (Creator), Paneque, D. (Creator), Paoletti, R. (Creator), Paredes, J. M. (Creator), Paredes-Fortuny, X. (Creator), Pedaletti, G. (Creator), Perri, L. (Creator), Persic, M. (Creator), Poutanen, J. (Creator), Prada Moroni, M. P. G. (Creator), Prandini, E. (Creator), Puljak, I. (Creator), Rhode, W. (Creator), Rib?, M. (Contributor), Rico, J. (Creator), Rodriguez Garcia, G. J. (Creator), Saito, T. (Creator), Satalecka, K. (Creator), Schultz, C. (Creator), Schweizer, T. (Creator), Shore, S. N. (Creator), Sillanp??, A. (Contributor), Sitarek, J. (Creator), Snidaric, I. (Creator), Sobczynska, D. (Creator), Stamerra, A. (Creator), Steinbring, T. (Creator), Strzys, M. (Creator), Takalo, L. (Creator), Takami, H. (Creator), Tavecchio, F. (Creator), Temnikov, P. (Creator), Terzi?, T. (Contributor), Tescaro, D. (Creator), Teshima, M. (Creator), Thaele, J. (Creator), Torres, D. F. (Creator), Toyama, T. (Creator), Treves, A. (Creator), Verguilov, V. (Creator), Vovk, I. (Creator), Ward, J. E. (Creator), Will, M. (Creator), Wu, M. H. (Creator), Blinov, D. A. (Creator), Chen, W. (Creator), Efimova, N. V. (Creator), Forn?, E. (Contributor), Grishina, T. S. (Creator), Hovatta, T. (Creator), Jordan, B. (Creator), Kimeridze, G. N. (Creator), Kopatskaya, E. N. (Creator), Koptelova, E. (Creator), Kurtanidze, O. M. (Creator), Kurtanidze, S. O. (Creator), L?hteenm?ki, A. (Contributor), Larionov, V. M. (Creator), Larionova, E. G. (Creator), Larionova, L. V. (Creator), Ligustri, R. (Creator), McBreen, B. (Contributor), Morozova, D. A. (Creator), Nikolashvili, M. G. (Creator), Raiteri, C. M. (Creator), Ros, J. A. (Creator), Sadun, A. C. (Creator), Sigua, L. A. (Creator), Tornikoski, M. (Creator), Troitsky, I. S. (Creator) & Villata, M. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2016


  • R-band photometry of the lensed quasar UM673

    Gusev, A. S. (Creator), Ezhkova, O. V. (Creator), Ibragimov, M. A. (Creator), Nuritdinov, S. N. (Creator), Akhunov, T. (Creator), Ehgamberdiev, E. (Contributor), Artamonov, B. P. (Contributor), Chen, W. (Creator), Sergeyev, A. V. (Creator), Bruevich, V. V. (Creator), Koptelova, E. (Creator), Burkhonov, O. (Creator), Oknyanskij, V. L. (Creator) & Chiueh, T. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2012


  • SED of Fermi bright blazars

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