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NCU is committed to the University’s development based on the tenet of sustainable development. In practicing its social responsibility, NCU has spared no effort in safeguarding the homeland security, national disaster monitoring and prevention, and has even made cross-border assistance to help Southeast Asian countries in responding to the disaster risks engendered by climate change. NCU has worked with Taoyuan City Government on the “White Paper on Conservation of Taoyuan City’s Coastal Ecology”since 2015 to plan for the sustainability of Taoyuan’s coastal environment. This initiative chimes in well with MOE’s University Social Responsibility Program. Therefore, with the MOR USR Program’s subsidy, as well as the already existing cooperation framework with local partners along Taoyuan’s coastline and all bureaus and offices if Taoyuan City Government, NCU takes immediate actions to work with local residents, the local government, and Taoyuan’s USR alliance for the promotion of a green coastal corridor that ensures sustainable development of the ecological environment of Taoyuan’s coast and the community residents therein.
NCU uses the results of scientific and empirical studies(coastal environment monitoring data) to form the basis of dialogue for environmental protection versus development, including issues concerning natural environment, community development , and preservation of local culture. Local culture is protected, while development of the coastal communities is promoted by means of advocating social enterprises. Cooperation with local residents is established to work on the sustainable development of coastal communities by monitoring coastal environment, taking conservation actions, offering environment education, and promoting social enterprises, etc., in order to re-present the charm of Taoyuan’s coast.
Taking the need for sustainable development of community into consideration, the integration of “Ecology, Living, and Economy” is upheld to ensure robust local environment education and social enterprises, develop low-impact environmental education and tourism industry, establish the green coastal corridor of Taoyuan, and pursue creative coexistence and revival of local environment and community through coastal environment monitoring and environmental conservation actions.
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