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All teachers of the Cognitive Neuroscience are dedicated to promoting cognitive neuroscience research. The Cognitive Neuroscience Workshop is jointly organized with Chung Yuan University in March and the Taiwan Cognitive Neuroscience Summer School is held in August. Due to the impact of COVID-19, the 2020 Taiwan Cognitive Neuroscience Summer School will adopt online distance courses for the first time, attraction 1,151 students from all over the world to sign up. In Taiwan, it includes college students and researchers, primary and secondary special education teachers, and consultants from various institutions. Business and occupational therapists participate in this course. There are 22 classes planned for the summer school starting with an introduction to cognitive neuroscience and future prospects, and the course introduces brain imaging tools (fMRI, EEG, ERP, tDCS, TMS) and related research equipment such as eye tracking and motion capture Taker. In addition, through various topics such as language learning, reading development, motor cognitive, memory, neuroeconomics, social cognition, aging and cognition, infant and child development, education and music, combined with cognitive neuroscience to form an interdisciplinary curriculum. In addition, through different communication media such as speeches and online platforms, the academic research results of brain and mental science can be promoted to all levels of society. In addition to gaining public attention and response, brain and mental science research is more popularized and implemented in various teaching sites. At the same time, it is hoped that the general public will have more understanding of cognitive neuroscience, more understanding of people with cognitive impairment, and implement the application and development of professional skills in this field in practice and clinical applications.
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