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The primary task of college is education, learning and the production and dissemination of knowledge. The Humanities Center is devoted time and effort to the deep cultivation of humanities, introducing the concepts of ”Regional Revitalization” and “Cultural Heritage” into the campus. We treat the campus as a community, and combine with external communities and local governments, through the holding of all kinds of events and the publication of books, to exert influence on the social responsibility of the university.
In recent years, the government has actively completed the cultural resources law. From the amendment of the Cultural Assets Preservation Law in 105 to the Cultural Basic Law passed in 108, it can be seen that the preservation and activation of cultural assets has been a topic of great concern in recent years. NCU Kunqu Opera Museum’s collection and display theme “Kunqu Opera” is already a UNESCO “Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”, and the cultural relics in the collection also have deep cultural value. NCU Kunqu Opera Museum promotes Taiwan’s tangible and intangible “activation and application of cultural assets” from the two levels of “academic research” and “art promotion”. It is line with the pulse of national cultural issues. In addition to exerting the contemporary value of cultural assets, it also promotes the development of cultural resources. Social sharing is listed as the goal and highlight of the museum’s work. In 2020, we will promote the following responsibilities for photographers: (1),research: “Research and Publication Project of “Taiwan Kun Opera History”, ”Hsinchu City Traditional Performing Arts Census Project”;(2), special exhibitions, various promotional performances and community activities.
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