RCW 57A NIR polarimetry and photometry

  • Chakali Eswaraiah (Creator)
  • Shih Ping Lai (Creator)
  • Wen-Ping Chen (Creator)
  • A. K. Pandey (Creator)
  • Motohide Tamura (Creator)
  • G. Maheswar (Creator)
  • Saurabh Sharma (Creator)
  • Jia Wei Wang (Creator)
  • S. Nishiyama (Creator)
  • Y. Nakajima (Creator)
  • Jungmi Kwon (Creator)
  • R. Purcell (Creator)
  • A. M. Magalhaes (Creator)
  • S. Sharma (Creator)
  • R. Purcell (Creator)



VizieR online Data Catalogue associated with article published in journal Astronomical Journal (AAS) with title 'Understanding the links among the magnetic fields, filament, bipolar bubble, and star formation in RCW 57A using NIR polarimetry.' (bibcode: 2017ApJ...850..195E)
Date made available2018
PublisherStrasbourg Astronomical Data Center

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