Panoramic stereo photography based on single-lens with a double-symmetric prism

  • Chien Yue Chen (Contributor)
  • Qing Long Deng (Creator)
  • Wen-Hsin Sun (Contributor)
  • Qiao Yao Cheng (Contributor)
  • Bor Shyh Lin (Contributor)
  • Ching Lung Su (Contributor)



Different from traditional panorama stereo acquisition technique shooting with numerous cameras, this study equips a double-symmetric prism in front of a single-lens camera to acquire images from four different angles of view, and the images acquired from the cameras every 20 degrees complete a pair of panorama stereo images with vertical angle of view ( ± 16 degrees) by image-based rendering. The panorama stereo acquisition technique reduces the number of cameras by three-fourth, and the acquired images contain vertical angles of view. Moreover, the image resolution is enhanced several times of the resolution of integral photography without moiré effect.
Date made available2013

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