Label-free multi-color superlocalization of plasmonic emission within metallic nano-interstice using femtosecond chirp-manipulated four wave mixing

  • Chao-Yi Tai (Creator)
  • Po Wen Tang (Contributor)
  • Wen Hsiang Yu (Contributor)
  • Sheng Hsiung Chang (Creator)



We demonstrate an as yet unused method to sieve, localize, and steer plasmonic hot spot within metallic nano-interstices close to percolation threshold. Multicolor superlocalization of plasmon mode within 60 nm was constantly achieved by chirp-manipulated superresolved four wave mixing (FWM) images. Since the percolated film is strongly plasmonic active and structurally multiscale invariant, the present method provides orders of magnitude enhanced light localization within single metallic nano-interstice, and can be universally applied to any region of the random film. The result, verified by the maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) and deconvolution stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (deconSTORM) algorithm, may contribute to label-free multiplex superlocalized spectroscopy of single molecule and sub-cellular activity monitoring combining hot spot steering capability.
Date made available2015

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