Host Galaxy Spectra of Pan-STARRS1 Transients

  • G. Hosseinzadeh (Contributor)
  • Frederick Dauphin (Contributor)
  • A. Villar (Contributor)
  • E. Berger (Contributor)
  • D. O. Jones (Contributor)
  • P. Challis (Contributor)
  • R. Chornock (Contributor)
  • M. R. Drout (Contributor)
  • Ryan J. Foley (Contributor)
  • R. P. Kirshner (Contributor)
  • R. Lunnan (Contributor)
  • Raffaella Margutti (Contributor)
  • D. Milisavljevic (Contributor)
  • Yen-Chen Pan (Contributor)
  • Armin Rest (Contributor)
  • D. Scolnic (Contributor)
  • E. A. Magnier (Contributor)
  • N. Metcalfe (Contributor)
  • R. J. Wainscoat (Contributor)



These are the host galaxy spectra that accompany the article "Photometric Classification of 2315 Pan-STARRS1 Supernovae with Superphot."
Date made available11 Aug 2020

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