Reflexive Pronouns: A Theoretical and Experimental Synthesis

  • Darcy Sperlich



Dr. Sperlich has published a new linguistics book with Springer in 2020 entitled “Reflexive Pronouns: A theoretical and experimental synthesis”, which focuses on how to account for reflexive pronoun phenomena over a range of languages. In it, he introduces a new theoretical model, the Emergentist Reflexivity Approach, which uses both syntactic and pragmatic mechanisms to account for reflexive antecedence. Over the languages of English, Dutch, German, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, and through a wide-range of experimental evidence, Dr. Sperlich demonstrates his model’s approach to reflexivity compared to other major approaches, providing a fresh step forward in the research of reflexivity.

Period22 Apr 2020

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Media coverage

  • TitleReflexive Pronouns: A Theoretical and Experimental Synthesis
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  • Reflexive Pronouns
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